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Ryan Bourland Ranking

Ryan Bourland Ranking

Ryan Bourland was born on June 17, 1988, in Martinez, California, USA. Ryan Bourland, a seasoned professional boxer, currently holds a notable position in the cruiserweight division. As of 2024, Bourland, known for his power and resilience, has accumulated a professional record of 17 wins and 4 losses. Jake Paul, a social media star-turned-boxer, defeated Ryan Bourland by a first-round TKO in their bout on March 2, 2024. Prior to this, Bourland had not fought since September 2022. Despite this recent setback, Bourland remains a respected figure in the boxing community, recognized for his previous achievements and contributions to the sport. In 2020 Ryan Bourland was good ranking.

Ryan Bourland is a semi-retired professional cruiserweight boxer. He is a former Golden Gloves champion, National Junior Olympian, and two-time GBO Light Heavyweight champion. He retired with a professional record of 17-2-0 (6KOs) and will be unretiring at 35 to face Paul. Ryan Bourland ranking is not specified, but he is considered a relatively strong opponent for Jake Paul.


Here is what I found about Ryan Bourland’s family

Parents: Ryan Bourland’s parents got divorced when he was 15, which led to him getting into a lot of trouble.

Siblings: Bourland has two other siblings.

Wife: Bourland’s wife is Jessica Bourland.

Children: Ryan Bourland has two kids with his wife, Jessica: a son named Ryan Jr. and a daughter named Rylee.

Other relatives: Bourland has an aunt and grandparents, some of whom have passed away in the last year


Ryan Bourland’s Boxing Career

Ryan Bourland, nicknamed “The Rhino,” has had a significant impact on the boxing world since turning professional. He boasts a record of 17 wins and 4 losses, demonstrating a strong track record in the cruiserweight division. Bourland gained recognition as a former Golden Gloves champion, showcasing his talent early in his career. Despite a recent defeat to Jake Paul in March 2024, his career highlights include multiple victories and a reputation for resilience and power. Bourland’s career, marked by notable wins and a fighting spirit, continues to be respected in the boxing community.


Early Career and Rise to Prominence

Bourland’s early career was characterized by his rapid rise through the amateur ranks, culminating in a Golden Gloves championship. This achievement set the stage for his professional debut, where he quickly established himself as a formidable opponent in the cruiserweight division. His aggressive style and knockout power earned him a dedicated fan base and numerous victories in the ring.

Professional Record and Notable Fights

Throughout his professional career, Bourland maintained an impressive record, securing 17 wins, with many of those victories coming by way of knockout. His notable fights include a series of wins that showcased his technical skills and power. However, after a period of inactivity following his last fight in September 2022, Bourland faced Jake Paul in March 2024. Despite his best efforts, Bourland was defeated by a first-round TKO, adding a fourth loss to his professional record.


Future Prospects

Despite the recent setback, Ryan Bourland remains a respected figure in boxing. His career achievements and fighting spirit continue to inspire fans and aspiring boxers. Looking forward, Bourland’s experience and determination will undoubtedly play a crucial role in his future endeavors in the sport.

Ryan Bourland’s Retirement

Ryan Bourland, known as “The Rhino,” officially announced his retirement from professional boxing shortly after his fight against Jake Paul on March 2, 2024. This bout, which ended in a first-round TKO loss, marked the conclusion of Bourland’s career, bringing his professional record to 17 wins and 4 losses. Bourland decided to step away from the sport following a period of inactivity and reflecting on his achievements and challenges within the ring. Despite the recent defeat, his career remains celebrated for his resilience and notable victories.


Legacy and Impact

Bourland’s retirement marks the end of an era for the boxer who made a significant impact in the cruiserweight division. Ryan Bourland, a former Golden Gloves champion and a professional fighter with an impressive record, has made significant contributions to boxing, earning the respect and admiration of the boxing community. His decision to retire allows him to focus on new endeavors and leaves a legacy of dedication and strength in the sport.


Post-Retirement Plans

Ryan Bourland will leverage his expertise and experience to continue making a meaningful impact in the boxing world after his retirement, driving growth and success as a mentor, coach, or leader, and inspiring a new generation of boxers. Ryan Bourland’s experience and knowledge of the sport enable him to make a lasting impact on the boxing community, and he will continue to shape the sport through his influence and leadership beyond his active fighting days.

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Ryan Bourland has achieved significant success and overcame challenges throughout his boxing career. His journey from a Golden Gloves champion to a professional boxer with 17 wins reflects his dedication and skill. Despite his recent loss to Jake Paul, Ryan Bourland’s legacy in the sport remains unshaken, and he continues to earn the respect of fans and peers alike for his contributions to boxing.

Ryan Bourland’s retirement from professional boxing marks the end of a notable career filled with significant achievements and memorable fights. Ryan Bourland continues to inspire with his legacy as a resilient and powerful boxer, and he will make a lasting impact on the sport through his future endeavors, whether in coaching or other roles, as fans and peers eagerly anticipate his next move.

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