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How Tall is Stunna Girl: Biography

how tall is stunna girl

Stunna Girl, the rising star in the rap and hip-hop scene, has captivated audiences not only with her music but also with her vibrant personality and style. She quickly made a name for herself with hits like “Runway” and “Rotation.” As fans continue to follow her career, one question that frequently arises is: how tall is Stunna Girl?

Stunna Girl stands at approximately 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) tall. While her height may be petite, her presence in the music industry is anything but small. She carries herself with a confidence and charisma that makes her stand out in the crowded world of hip-hop. Her stature, combined with her dynamic fashion sense and bold hairstyles, makes her a memorable figure both on and off the stage.

Stunna Girl’s Early Life and Education

Stunna Girl was born on July 2, 1998, in Sacramento, California. When Stunna Girl was around 12 years old, her mom went to prison for two years and experienced a challenging yet formative early life. Growing up in a tough neighborhood, she faced numerous obstacles that shaped her resilient and determined character. Her passion for music became evident at a young age, and she often used it as an outlet to express herself and navigate her circumstances. Grew up in a low-income household with her mother and siblings. Experienced a tough childhood, facing poverty and witnessing violence in her neighborhood.


Stunna Girl’s educational journey was marked by turbulence as she juggled her academic responsibilities with her aspirations in music. Despite the challenges, she remained focused on her goals, using her experiences to fuel her lyrics and artistic vision. Her determination to rise above her circumstances and make a name for herself in the music industry became a driving force in her life.  Attended Sacramento Charter High School. Dropped out of high school in the 11th grade to focus on her music career

While specific details about her formal education are sparse, Stunna Girl’s life experiences and self-taught lessons have significantly contributed to her growth as an artist. Her early life story is a testament to her tenacity and unwavering commitment to her dreams, paving the way for her eventual success in the music world.

Stunna Girl’s family

Mother:                   Raised Stunna Girl and her siblings as a single parent, working hard to provide for their                                           needs.

Father:                     Absent due to incarceration.

Siblings:                   Stunna Girl has several siblings, with whom she shares a close bond.

Extended family: Stunna Girl has mentioned that her extended family was involved in gang activity, which                                                    exposed her to the harsh realities of street life at a young age.

Stunna Girl’s husband:

Name: RichMula500.

Profession: Owner of Red Rum TV and associated with Townboy Entertainment.

Social media has over 116,000 followers on Instagram.

Relationship with Stunna Girl: husband, often promotes her music on his social media accounts.


Stunna Girl Age

She was born on July 2 or 3, 1998, in Sacramento, California. As of 2024, she is 26 years old
Stunna Girl began learning how to record music at the age of eight in her father’s home studio
She started her music career as a singer before she turned to rapping at age 12
Stunna Girl was imprisoned for three years in a youth correctional facility for stints in juvenile hall, fighting, and robbery.
She was released from prison at age 17 and started creating more music.

Stunna Girl Physical Appear

Height:                  She stands at around 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall.

Weight:                 Her weight is around 110-120 pounds (50-54 kg).

Hair:                      She often wears her hair in colorful and bold styles, such as bright pink or purple braids.

Tattoos:               She has several tattoos, including a prominent one on her forehead that reads “Stunna”.

Body Piercings: She has multiple body piercings, including her nose, eyebrows, and lips.

Style:                     She often wears bold and edgy outfits, frequently incorporating designer brands and streetwear                                      into her fashion choices.

Stunna Girl Religion

  Religion:                                     Christianity

  Zodiac Sign:                                   Cancer     

                Ethnicity:                                       African-American

Nationality:                                 American

Marital Status:                              Married

             Profession:                           Rapper, Influencer

    Husband:                               Richmula 500

Stunna Girl Profession

She also known as Suzanne is a rapper from Sacramento, California
Stunna Girl began her music career as a singer before she turned to rapping at age 12.
She released her first mixtape, YKWTFGO, in 2019.
Her single “Runway” went viral on TikTok and boosted her profile.
She has released another project named “Stunna This, Stunna That” and has collaborated with well-known artists like 42 Dugg.
Stunna Girl has also appeared on the reality series “Baddies West” in 2023.
She is also a social media personality with thousands of followers on Instagram.
Stunna Girl has landed endorsement deals and modeling work for multiple brands.

Stunna Girl’s net worth

Net worth:                      around $1 million

Source of wealth:         successful rap career and appearance on “Baddies West”

Other ventures:             modeling work for multiple brands, social media personality with thousands of followers                                                    on Instagram and TikTok, podcast guest, and magazine cover feature on “Muze” in                                                                November 2020.

Stunna Girl’s social media presence

Over 800K monthly listeners on Spotify

Her music video “Real Rap” has over 850K views on YouTube

She has a music video “Let It Drip” which has over 800K views on YouTube

She has thousands of followers on Instagram

Her song “Runway” went viral on TikTok, with millions of short videos made with the song.

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In conclusion, Stunna Girl, standing at approximately 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) tall, proves that height is not a measure of impact or presence. Her petite stature is contrasted by her immense talent, vibrant personality, and dynamic stage presence. Stunna Girl continues to captivate audiences with her music and style, demonstrating that greatness is defined by one’s achievements and influence rather than physical attributes.

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